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Which M&M Character Are You?

Ever wondered which M&M character you are? I’ll be honest, I never thought about, but of course I took the cute Which M&M Character Are You quiz on Walmart.com to see which one I was ;)

Here’s my results:

M&m's Game Walmart

Love it! I know you are going to take the quiz too, right? If you do, let me know which character you are. My youngest took the quiz and he was the Green, who is a  girl! He wasn’t happy about that, LOL, but hey, I came out as Blue, a boy!

Be sure to scroll down to Meet The Characters to learn cute and funny little facts about each color, like Ms. Brown’s Best Physical Attribute is rolling her eyes!

M&m's Game Walmart

There are also M&M themed games on the site, Shell Swap and ShMuffleboard! Shell Swap is a a lot like my favorite game Bejeweled. If you like that game, you will love this one. All you do is group three or more matching M&M’s to score. I think I played 6 games and scored 2200, not bad at all.  It’s very addictive, so be prepared to play awhile!

M&m's Game Walmart

The M&M’s version of shuffleboard is called SchMuffleboard! Move your M&M’S puck down the board to set your speed and start scoring! I stink at this game, but it was fun trying. Please tell me scored higher than a 6, that’s what I scored, LOL!

Grab your kids and have them take the quiz and play the games, I bet they will love it!

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