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The View – Boy Did I Talk Back to the TV!

Welcome to my first post about watching The View, and what a few days it has been! If I could have reached through the television I would have, as you will soon see why.

On Monday the women announced that Whoopi would be out for awhile making a movie, so not only would the remaining women be taking over hot topics, but for the first time ever, men will be in the moderators seat.  Bryant Gumbel, D.L. Hughley, Joe Scarborough and Tom Bergeron will all take turns in the hot seat.

Betty White was the guest on Monday and I love, love, love seeing her in interviews since she is so unpredictable, what I don’t like is the way she seems to always be saying something shocking, just for shocks sake. I get it, she is “88 1/2″ and at this point she doesn’t care what people say, but the constant sexual comments just seem forced, you know? You don’t have to be that way Betty, we all love you for you!

She talked about Rue McClanahan, may she rest in peace and her new show Hot In Cleveland which debuts tonight on TV Land. I can’t wait for the show since I love all of her co-stars – Valerie Bertinelli, Wendie Mallick, and Jane Leeves.

Tuesday’s show was awesome. Joy moderated Hot Topics and Kassie Depaiva was the guest co-host, she was great but seemed a little “caught in the middle” during some discussions, that and her silver pendant kept catching the camera and blinding me, lol.  Hot Topics centered around the media and how as an entertainer you have no privacy whatsoever, which I agree with, your every move is caught on camera these days, but to me, that is just the sign of the times, everything is so very viral.

There was a little outburst by guess who? Elisabeth! It was about the Presidents speech airing that night dealing with the oil spill. Elisabeth, as always, went on her anti-President tirade about the speech being more “slick than the oil spill” and how he was all “drill baby drill” but when Joy came back at her with a comment about Elisabeth’s buddy Sarah Palin being the one who was gung-ho saying “drill baby drill” Elisabeth couldn’t come back with anything, so essentially, she was slapped down.

Ok, so now the moment I was waiting for, Kathy Griffin came on. If you watch Kathy’s show then you know she was banned from The View for whatever reason, so I was surprised she was on, but seeing that Barbara wasn’t here, it made sense. So then there was Elisabeth – if looks could kill she would have slaughtered Kathy. She sat there the entire segment with a nasty look on her face and her arms folded across her chest in disgust. I wanted to reach through the TV and shake the heck out of her and tell her to lighten up. Kathy makes no excuses and she says things that other people wish they could say, I love that about her.

Then it happened, the inevitable showdown between Elisabeth and Kathy, after being asked by Elisabeth if she felt weird going on a show where she has made “untrue comments” about the people on it. Kathy said that she didn’t really care and the banter started but then Kathy totally put her in her place by saying  ” This moment is what I live for, so bring it.” LOL! LOVED IT! Elisabeth so didn’t “bring it” and the commercial was quick to come after that exchange.

The last guest was Rhona Mitra from the new show The Gates that premiers on Sunday at 10 pm about a gated community. Rhona plays a Vampire. I am all over this one since I have been a fan of Vampires from way back, but not the “teenage angsty ones that have been saturating Hollywood lately. I wanna see some lusty grown-up Vampires ;)

Today, Wednesday, they had Bryant Gumbel in the moderators seat and he was calm, cool and collected and handled some of the “Hot Topics” with true class, even though you could see he didn’t agree with some of the comments being made. I enjoyed watching him amongst the women, can’t wait for the other men to come on board.

The guests were Valerie Bertinelli, Wendie Mallick, and Jane Leeves from Hot In Cleveland. I totally enjoyed their segment and love all three of those women, and damn don’t they look amazing? Wendie Mallack looks phenomenal for being almost 60! I wanna be her when I grow up for sure, lol! I can’t wait till tonight when the show comes on, even though I am not 50+ like the women are on this show, I am reaching a milestone birthday in Novemeber, so it will be nice to see a show that I can relate too better than one with 20 year olds.

I will post again on Saturday about the remaining shows this week. If you missed any, you can watch full episodes online.

Did you watch? What was your favorite segment?

DISCLOSURE – I was given financial compensation from ABC Daytime to write this blog.  My reviews and recommendations are always my own and represent my genuinely held opinions.


  1. I watched Tuesday’s episode and I agree about the yelling at Elizabeth part and I loved, loved, loved it when Kathy said “This is the moment I live for” I said “Go Kathy!” at the TV. My Husband ran into the kitched to make sure I hadn’t just completly lost my marbles!! I missed Whoopie for sure, but I love Tom Bergeron, did you say when he’s on or did I miss him already??? I would DVR that one.
    BTW, I get crazy over the vampire shows too, the Hub just doesn’t get that about me, I guess it’s a girl thing. That was fun!! :)


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